Comprehensive Centralized Control

Centralized, fully-automated control systems for complete integration of bulk material handling systems.

Whirl-Air control panels are built to industry standards and employ state-of-the-art PLCs and operator interface units. Control systems can be designed as central units, multiple satellite control stations, or both.

Whirl-Air control systems integrate the operation of all components within your bulk material handling system. These consolidated systems allow for the complete monitoring and operation of complex, multi-function systems from single or multiple control locations. This integrated control capability allows operators at-a-glance operation of the entire system, while also affording operation from line positions.

whirl-air control systems integrate system functions in consolidated stations

Whirl-Air control systems are specifically designed to integrate the operation of the entire material handling system. Typical systems allow for the operation of all functions from unloading through conveying, batching, blending and end use processing. Depending on desired system features, Whirl-Air control systems may incorporate touch screen controls for ease of use.

Whirl-Air is an experienced system integrator with specific expertise with the most widely used PLCs in the industry, including Allen Bradley, Siemens and Modicon. Our integrated control systems experience spans multi-leg applications incorporating dozens of individual processes and hundreds of monitoring/ reporting points. Data acquisition programs may be supplied to track inventory, usage, maintenance or downtime.

Control systems feature NEMA rated control panel enclosures, manufactured to rigid standards to withstand the rigors of operation in the modern processing plant. Controls panels can be fabricated to any NEMA rating or specification for particularly demanding plant environments.

Whirl-Air provides full on-site installation supervision and commissioning services to ensure your system will operate as expected when brought on-line.Operator training and documentation are always provided with Whirl-Air control systems.

Whirl-Air control panels are built to NEMA standards and employ state-of-the-art PLCs and operator interface. This unit is a full manual back-up station.