Whirl-Air-Flow can provide you with a bulk bag unloader that effectively meets your process requirement needs. Our 50 plus years of experience handling dry flowable bulk solid materials assures you of an unloading system that will quickly and efficiently unload your product. Our unloaders are designed to handle a variety of bulk bag sizes. and our "closed system" design eliminates contact with the contents of the bulk bag.

Our "closed system" design starts with a 180 degree access door allowing easy access for connecting and disconnecting the bulk bag. A positive dust tight connection is made by fitting a pneumatic cord around the pipe and pressurizing it, trapping the bag's discharge spout against the pipe. This allows the operator to remove the bag's discharge tie and start product flow without exposure to the product.

Bulk bags are safely supported in the framework by a full sized, compressed air driven vibratory pan. Our unique "silent" vibrator is fully adjustable for the right amount of vibration to induce product flow.

Pneumatically operated bag squeezers are available for products with difficult flow characteristics. to dislodge material and prevent bridging. They can be programmed to operate in sequence with vibratory pan or operator controlled.

An optional iris flow control valve is available to adjust or stop the material flow, so that partially used bags can be changed out. For bulk bags having a liner, a spring loaded bag tensioner is used to secure the liner to the top of the unloader's frame during the unloading cycle to prevent washout.

Bulk Bag Unloading Systems Designed for Your Application

If your application needs require a multi functional bag unloader. WAF offers a combination model that can accommodate bulk bags as well as function as a bag dump for paper bagged materials.

If your application needs go beyond getting dry hulk material out of a bag, Whirl-Air-Flow supplies systems that will convey your product into storage or process and include weighing or blending.

Standard Features:

  • 4" square steel tubing construction
  • Adjustable frame accommodates bags up to 66" in height and 48" square
  • Forklift loaded
  • Virtually silent pneumatically operated vibratory support pan


  • Hoist and trolley for loading
  • Bag squeezer to enhance product flow
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Weigh-up or loss-in-weight \Neighing systems
  • Explosion-proof controls
  • Shut-off valve for partial bags
  • Low-profile unloaders for low overhead installations
  • Integral hopper

The Whirl-Air-Flow bag dump/tilter systerm is a self-contained, compact system for manual emptying bags or small drums, that eliminates dust by capturing it and returning it to the hopper. The bag dump's downdraft design draws dust through the loading grate as the bag is emptied. Airborne dust is then stopped by bags in the filter section. These filters are continuously cleaned with pulse jet air, allowing the collected dust to fall into the hopper.

Standard Features:

  • Welded steel construction
  • 750 CFM exhaust fan
  • NEMA 12/4 rated
  • Solid state timed compressed air bag cleaning
  • Removable grating with 12" workshelf
  • 75 sq. ft. filtration area
  • Bolted filter access
  • Integral support legs
  • Completely assembled. wired and piped


  • Stainless steel
  • Larger width models for oversized bags
  • Sealed door over grating area
  • Special NEMA ratings for explosion proof or corrosion resistant
  • Special interior and exterior coatings
  • Special filtration media
  • Aeration or vibration on hopper
  • Carttidge type filters
  • HEPA secondary filters

Typical Bag Dump System Applications

Whirl-Air-Flow's bag compactor can be mounted directly to a WAF bag dump for dust free operation or operated as a stand alone unit. It provides a simple, silent method for compressing used bags into bundles, making them easier to handle and dispose of.

Standard Features:

  • Pneumatic platen design operation
  • No electrical controls required (intrinsically safe)
  • Compaction force of 5.6 ton @ 100 PSI
  • Safe operator control
  • Full chamber indicator
  • Large access door
  • Easy tie up system
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Fully shop assembled