Dense Phase Conveying Systems

Dense Phase is typical used to convey abrasive, fragile and friable material long or short distances. They are different types of dense phase conveying depending on the application, such as:

  • Pressure conventional: Whirl-Air Standard Transporters convey most free flowing materials in a fill,close, seal, pressurize and convey cycle. The cycle ends when both the transporter and conveying line have been fully evacuated. Full evacuation is detected by a pressure sensor.
  • Pressure full line:These systems are designed for use with materials where very abrasive or minimal to zero breakage is a concern. "Keep Full" systems minimize turbulence within the conveying line by evacuating only the transporter before beginning a new cycle. A sensor within the transporter detects empty. Compressed air inside the transporter is then vented to a dust collector prior to starting a new conveying cycle.
  • Deep Vacuum:These systems are designed for use with materials where product breakage or system wear is a concern concern. These system also do not require pits in rail unloading applications.
  • Deep Vacuum/Pressure Dense-Phase Conveying Systems:Dense-phase rail unloading systems allow automatic unloading of multiple railcars at the same time. This system requires no pits. The extremely low conveying line velocities of these systems are best suited to handling fragile or abrasive materials where product breakage or system wear is a concern. This design allows conveying of materials over extended distances.

In this typical dense-phase conveying system, flowable products are unloaded from a rail car positioned over a track hopper and conveyed to storage silos. Products are subsequently metered and weighed from the silos and product is delivered on-demand to in-plant processing systems.

Dilute Phase Conveying Systems

In this typical dilute phase system, flowable products are unloaded using a vacuum/pressure unloading system from railcar to storage silos. Products are then conveyed from the silos to in-plant process areas using a separate pressure system. Dilute phase systems are generally used when conveying non-abrasive materials or where high material velocities are not a factor.