Cost-Efficient Solutions for In-Plant Cleaning and Pollution Problems

Increased awareness for worker safety and the regulatory efforts of the EPA and OSHA, coupled with the advent of clean air legislation, has brought about new standards for in-plant cleaning. A simple blow down with compressed air or a general sweeping with brooms and brushes no longer meets the standard.

In response to these new standards, Whirl-Air-Flow has developed custom-engineered, high performance Central Vacuum Systems (CVS). These provide plant-wide solutions to many of your clean-up and pollution problems, making the work place physically and environmentally safer.

Product spills can be quickly and easily cleaned up at the time they occur, minimizing cross contamination of products or problems associated with dust particles on other manufacturing areas as well as employee exposure to toxic materials. Where feasible, product spills can be returned to process, thereby minimizing product waste and the associated cost. In addition, scrap materials generated by the manufacturing process can quickly and easily be collected at the location for disposal or recycling.

General plant clean-up effort is greatly reduced by eliminating the need to move portable vacuum units from one location to the next. The increased power of Central Vacuum Systems, coupled with the convenience of multiple vacuum ports and wide range of cleaning tools provides a thorough clean-up of manufacturing and warehouse areas as well as office space and other high traffic areas.

Custom Designed For Your Application

Whirl-Air-Flow Central Vacuum Systems are custom designed and engineered for installation in your facility. Vacuum ports are piped into all critical clean-up areas allowing for quick and easy removal of material. System tubing and fittings are engineered to minimize vacuum loss as well as prevent product build-up in the system. Tools and accessories are available to handle virtually any cleaning application your installation may demand.

The design of every Central Vacuum System starts with a vacuum producer to create the suction necessary to move material. Whirl-Air-Flow uses a heavy-duty, multistage centrifugal exhauster to provide a wide range of volume and vacuum ratings. A unique feature of this exhauster is simultaneous use by multiple operators. Each exhauster is manufactured with heavy gauge steel and comes in either overhung or outboard bearing design. Bearings are grease lubricated and can be serviced manually or with automatic lubricating systems. Impellers are designed with high strength aluminum for light weight efficiency. Motor size and options are based on your specific application requirements.

A Complete Line Of Components & Accessories

Whirl-Air-Flow offers a complete line of tubing and fittings, hoses and tools, as well as silencers, valves and other specialized components. For specific details, please refer to our Tubing & Fittings Catalog or Hose & Tools Catalog.

After Market Service

The Whirl-Air-Flow commitment to customer satisfaction continues well after your system is up and running. We offer all the replacement parts necessary to maintain the high efficiency of your systems. We have factory trained service technicians available to trouble shoot system problems as well as to train your maintenance personnel in efficient system operation. If your future needs require system modification, our engineering department is available to assist you in all phases.

A Unique Design In Central Vacuum System Filtration

Whirl-Air-Flow Separator Features

The Whirl-Air-Flow modular filtration design allows integration of the separator and bottom modules to fit nearly any filtration and storage need. Whirl-Air offers a variety of dry and wet separation filtration equipment featuring this unique design.

  • Available in hopper bottom models.
  • Standard models up to 80" diameters.
  • Standard models to 800 square feet of filter area.
  • Special sizes available, engineered to customer system requirements.
  • Available in carbon or stainless steel or with corrosive or food grade coatings.
  • Pulse-jet continuous cleaning features available as standard equipment. Manual shakers also available.
  • Explosion proof options available.
  • Specially selected filter media to meet specific application requirements.