Conveying Systems

Whirl-Air Transporters are designed to transport any flowable material in a pneumatic conveying system. The transporter unit receives materials like powders and dry granulars from bulk supply such as silos, trucks, or rail cars. The system conveys the bulk materials to one or more destination points. The transporters operate on a cycling system and have virtually no moving parts. Operational functions of fill, pressurize, convey, and repeat are all enabled by valves.

Blending Systems

Whirl-Air Batch Blender/Transporters are part of our blending systems that can handle many dry materials like food mixes, detergents, alumina, and ceramics in a wide range of particle sizes and densities.

Bag Unloading Systems

Whirl-Air-Flow can provide you with a bulk Bag Unloading System that effectively meets your process requirement needs. Our 50 plus years of experience handling dry flowable bulk solid materials assures you of an unloading system that will quickly and efficiently unload your product. Our unloaders are designed to handle a variety of bulk bag sizes, and our "closed system" design eliminates contact with the contents of the bulk bag.

Central Vacuum Systems

Increased awareness for worker safety and the regulatory efforts of the EPA and OSHA, coupled with the advent of clean air legislation, has brought about new standards for in-plant cleaning. A simple blow down with compressed air or a general sweeping with brooms and brushes no longer meets the standard.

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Conveying Systems
Blending Systems
Bag Unloading
Central Vacuum Systems

Engineering and Design

Whirl-Air designs, engineers and manufactures complete control systems for operating your bulk material handling system.

Testing Facility

Whirl-Air boasts a fully functional test lab facility, featuring dense and dilute conveying as well as air blending. This allows us to determine how products of varying consistencies will behave.

Field Support and Service

Whirl-Air field technicians can oversee your project through installation, start-up and run-in. As your needs change, Whirl-Air can help reconfigure your system for new products, rates and configurations.

Specialty Fabrication

Whirl-Air provides fabrication and assembly of code vessels, specialty tanks, support structures and periphery equipment. In addition, we provide custom machining and heat stress relieving.

Since 1946, Whirl-Air has been an industry innovator in the design, development and fabrication of pneumatic conveying systems. Whirl-Air systems smoothly and efficiently transport ingredients and raw materials from bulk supply to in-plant processing destinations. We have designed and manufactured systems to transport flowable bulk materials for the broadest range of industries.